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My 2019 NaNoWriMo Story

Hey everyone, so I think this is about as good a use of this site as any. I'm going to be posting a link to a web version of my project for National Novel Writing Month, as well as a downloadable link to an .epub file if you have an E-reader and would rather read it on something other than a computer screen. If you want to read it, go ahead, but please bear in mind that it's a first draft and there's probably spelling, grammar and other issues with it that I didn't catch when I was churning it out. The story itself is a light sci-fi with some peril and a bit of intensity but nothing too much more than that. I purposely tried to keep it as light as I could, though a bit of my trademarked angst and introspection crept in regardless. The main crux is the first contact between humanity and an alien species, the first we've encountered, but that alien species happen to be meter-long hyper intelligent spiders. Don't worry, arachnophobia does come into play a bit. Pl