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Nails, Gears, and Chewing Gum - A Short Story

The sound of hammer on wood rapped out through the open garage door. A solid sound, the sort of noise that people accepted despite its volume because of its necessity. Anyone who was building something had to put their hammer to it at some point. You could hardly shout at your neighbor for wanting to build something, could you? "No, right here, here, that's it. Careful." Hammer met wood again, a hesitant but still firm stroke. The boy holding the hammer could not have been much older than ten or eleven years old, but the focus of his attention on the project was that of someone much older. He had a pair of wooden pegs clutched in his mouth, his left hand on the piece of wood he was working on, the other swinging the hammer down. "Perfect. Great job." The boy looked up over his shoulder, a beam of sunlit joy crossing his face. The man with him, an older man with brown hair going gray at the temples, gave him a warm smile and put his hand on his shoulder. "We