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Snow - A Short Story



I... wake?

I see.

Dirt--pieces of stone, concrete, asphalt and soil. Compacted, impacted. A path.

Upright. I stand upright.

I hear.

Whispers, rustling, the soft brush of plant matter against its like. The wind.

I see farther. Tall plants, upright, strong, dressed in rough bark and topped with thin needles. Evergreens.


Colors. I see colors. Greens, browns.

I see the presence of all colors across the visible spectrum, combined to create white. Fields of white. Mountains of white.

Steps. I take a step, one foot in front of the other. The path leads to the field. A field covered in white.

I step out into the field. It moves, it compacts and crushes together. I kneel and press my hand into the white.


I lift my hand from the snow. It drips with dampness, with water. I see my hand. White, smooth, five digits. Four fingers and a thumb.


No. Not human. Something else.

What am I?

I stand up. I look around, observing the things that surround me.

Trees, hills. Beyond them: triangle…