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Locked Door - A Short Story

So this is something that I might do, might not. I'm going to try using this blog-website-whatever as a platform to practice writing, not just to promote or discuss it. I'll be putting some short (thinking less than 1,000 words) stories on here and whatever other little things I might do to try and keep the creativity flowing. I've been neglecting my writing a lot in this new year so far, but I figure this is as good a place as any to stop that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The handle turned and the door shoved open, propelled by a force from beyond. One rough, calloused hand gripped the handle, its right-sided mate pushing against the dark wood just above it, so that both of them worked together, trying to keep the door from sliding out any further. But the motion was inexorable, pushing back against both hands and the arms attached to them. “I can't stop them.” Peter groaned. He tried to dig his shoes into the floor, but their