The First One's Free! - Chapter 1 of My Story For Your Perusal

Hey there everyone. I recent wrapped a new draft of this massive novel (think 150,000 words) that I've been working on for over a decade. It's a story that I've had in mind for a long time and no one aside from myself has read any of it.

Until now!

Here on this site, I'm going to post the entire first chapter so people have a chance to read it. I want and hope that people read it and that there can be some great feedback from this. If you do read, first of all thank you so much for doing that. Second of all, if you want to give me feedback and are interested in being a beta reader or, even better, a sensitivity reader, please reach out to me on Twitter @benergizer1 and hit me up. This story is very long, so being a reader for a story like this is a huge ask, but I would genuinely appreciate it beyond what words can really say.

I did my best to give the dramatis personae diversity, because I find a book where the majority of the cast is white men typically very boring t…

My 2019 NaNoWriMo Story

Hey everyone, so I think this is about as good a use of this site as any. I'm going to be posting a link to a web version of my project for National Novel Writing Month, as well as a downloadable link to an .epub file if you have an E-reader and would rather read it on something other than a computer screen. If you want to read it, go ahead, but please bear in mind that it's a first draft and there's probably spelling, grammar and other issues with it that I didn't catch when I was churning it out.

The story itself is a light sci-fi with some peril and a bit of intensity but nothing too much more than that. I purposely tried to keep it as light as I could, though a bit of my trademarked angst and introspection crept in regardless. The main crux is the first contact between humanity and an alien species, the first we've encountered, but that alien species happen to be meter-long hyper intelligent spiders. Don't worry, arachnophobia does come into play a bit. Ple…

Nails, Gears, and Chewing Gum - A Short Story

The sound of hammer on wood rapped out through the open garage door. A solid sound, the sort of noise that people accepted despite its volume because of its necessity. Anyone who was building something had to put their hammer to it at some point. You could hardly shout at your neighbor for wanting to build something, could you?

"No, right here, here, that's it. Careful."
Hammer met wood again, a hesitant but still firm stroke. The boy holding the hammer could not have been much older than ten or eleven years old, but the focus of his attention on the project was that of someone much older. He had a pair of wooden pegs clutched in his mouth, his left hand on the piece of wood he was working on, the other swinging the hammer down.
"Perfect. Great job."
The boy looked up over his shoulder, a beam of sunlit joy crossing his face. The man with him, an older man with brown hair going gray at the temples, gave him a warm smile and put his hand on his shoulder.

Snow - A Short Story



I... wake?

I see.

Dirt--pieces of stone, concrete, asphalt and soil. Compacted, impacted. A path.

Upright. I stand upright.

I hear.

Whispers, rustling, the soft brush of plant matter against its like. The wind.

I see farther. Tall plants, upright, strong, dressed in rough bark and topped with thin needles. Evergreens.


Colors. I see colors. Greens, browns.

I see the presence of all colors across the visible spectrum, combined to create white. Fields of white. Mountains of white.

Steps. I take a step, one foot in front of the other. The path leads to the field. A field covered in white.

I step out into the field. It moves, it compacts and crushes together. I kneel and press my hand into the white.


I lift my hand from the snow. It drips with dampness, with water. I see my hand. White, smooth, five digits. Four fingers and a thumb.


No. Not human. Something else.

What am I?

I stand up. I look around, observing the things that surround me.

Trees, hills. Beyond them: triangle…

Locked Door - A Short Story

So this is something that I might do, might not. I'm going to try using this blog-website-whatever as a platform to practice writing, not just to promote or discuss it. I'll be putting some short (thinking less than 1,000 words) stories on here and whatever other little things I might do to try and keep the creativity flowing. I've been neglecting my writing a lot in this new year so far, but I figure this is as good a place as any to stop that.


The handle turned and the door shoved open, propelled by a force from beyond. One rough, calloused hand gripped the handle, its right-sided mate pushing against the dark wood just above it, so that both of them worked together, trying to keep the door from sliding out any further. But the motion was inexorable, pushing back against both hands and the arms attached to them.

“I can't stop them.” Peter groaned. He tried to dig his shoes into the floor, but their r…